FISAUM also carried out coordinatorship of another European Union project. Turkey’s Participation in European Knowledge Economy (TEPEK) Project to which Ankara University, Inholland University, Economy University of Bucharest, Bilkent University and Koc University are partners started to be carried out on 31.05.2008 and lasted on 30.11.2009.

Main aim of the project is to educate, raise awareness of of SMEs in Turkey about intellectual capital and extend intellectual capital. It is expected that this approach will contribute to Turkey’s accession period to information economy developed by EU and also has the feature of first “civil society dialogue” initiative for bringing academy and partners in EU together in private sector. It is aimed to develop university-industry cooperation, to make the academicians to understand needs of private sector on “intellectual capital” and to produce solutions with their EU partners for the problems in this field. As the aforementioned training and consciousness-raising include intellectual property law, the carried out project serves to realize FISAUM’s aims at the same time.

For further information: TEPEK