On 12th of May 2017: Panel on “Changes Brought by Industrial Property Law from the Perspective of Judiciary”

The Panel organised by FİSAUM in collaboration with Ankara University and Ankara University Faculty of Law. Following the opening remarks given by Prof. Arzu Oğuz (Director, FİSAUM), Prof. Muharrem Özen (Dean, Ankara University, Faculty of Law) and Prof. Erkan İbiş (Rector, Ankara University), Prof. Arzu Oğuz, Mr. Özgür Semiz (Minisrty of Culture), Justice Fethi Merdivan (Ankara 2. Court of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights), Retired Justice Türkay Alıca (Ankara 3. Court of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights) and Justice Fatma Özer (Ankara 3. Court of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights) delivered their presentations during the session moderated by Justice Adem Aslan (Chair of 11th Chamber of Court of Cassation).


On 20th of November 2015: International Panel on “Collective Management of Copyright in the Context of Musical Works”

The judges of  intellectual and industrial rights courts, supreme courts, academicians, representatives of music sector and the experts from WIPO participated as a speaker to the panel which was held with the cooperation with FISAUM, WIPO and Ankara University, Faculty of Law. Whereas the collective management system in Turkey and the international and EU regulations were  discussed in the first session, use of musical works in commercial enterprises and collective management was discussed in the second session. Lots of popular singers and artists in Turkey attended to the panel and they have chance to mention their copyright problems in the question and answer part. The panel was one of the first organization in which all of the parties of music sector come together and the problematic issues and the solution suggestions were discussed.

fisaum1[1]On 26th of September 2014: Panel on “Social Media and Copyright in the Digital Communication Age”  

The lawyers, communicators and artists come together in the Panel which was held with the cooperation with Ankara University Faculty of Law, Collecting Society of Group of Authors of Musical Works. While “Social Media: Yesterday, Today and Future” was discussed in the first session and “Social Media in the terms of Infringement of Copyright: A use of new area of Infringement or New Opportunities?” was discussed in the second session. The panel was broadcasted online and it can still be accessible on Pozitiftv.

fisaum1[1]On 17th of May, 2007: Panel on “Patent Rights and Copyrights of Software”

Protection of the software and legal issues regarding the matter were discussed by Samir Deliormanli with regard to patent rights and copyrights in the activity held with Ankara University Engineering Faculty on the occasion of  FISAUM’s 10th anniversary.

fisaum1[1]On 20th of April, 2007 “Panel on Copyright in Plastic Art

Rights of plastic arts owners and violation of rights were discussed and problems of the current legislation were determined and discussed by distinguished academic members participating from faculty of fine arts and faculty of law in the panel which was held on the occasion of  FISAUM’s 10th anniversary.

fisaum1[1]On the 30th of November 1999: “Panel on the Infringement of Reproduction and Publication Rights in Scientific and Literary Works

The academic members of Ankara University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, the General Director of Copyright and Cinema, Chairman of the Executive Board of Collecting Societies of the Owners of Scientific and Literature Work and the Judge of Ankara 8th Court of Intellectual and Industrial Rights participated in the Panel.