Ankara University, by taking into account the increasing importance of intellectual property rights, established Ankara University Intellectual and Industrial Rights Research and Application Center (FISAUM) in 1997. After obtaining a physical place in Ankara University Law Faculty, it has been given tools and materials by the support provided within the context of “The Project of Forming Legal and Social Infrastructure Regarding Intellectual and Industrial Rights in Turkey” which is presented to State Planning Organization.

Objectives of FISAUM

Objects of the FISAUM is expanding and promoting the use of intellectual and industrial property rights, creating a public consciousness on protecting the culture of intellectual and industrial rights and contributing in the preparation the legal infrastructure for the industry. In order to fulfill its objectives FISAUM;  prepares and applies research projects, contributing and supporting researches and projects in its field of interest, organizes national and international conferences, congress, symposiums; organizes long and short term courses and  professional and educational training programs to provide proficiency; provides supervision services for public and private sectors with or without charge; publishes scientific reports, bulletins, books, journals and etc., cooperates with the international and national organizations; performs other tasks that are requested by the authorized departments and commissions of the university.

Organizational Structure of FISAUM

Director: Director of the Center is appointed for three years terms among the academic members of faculty of law by Rector. Director of the FISAUM is Prof. Dr. Arzu OĞUZ.

Co-director/s: Co-Directors of FISAUM is appointed for three years term by Rector.

Executive Board: Executive Board consists of 5 members; The Director of the Center, 2 members elected by Central Board, 2 members chosen from academic members of Faculty of Law by the Executive Board of the Faculty of Law.

Central Board: Central Board consists of the following members; 5 members chosen by the Executive Board of the University from academic members of the university, 3 members chosen by the Executive Board of the Faculty of Law, from  academic members of the same faculty, 1 member chosen by Ministry of Industry and Trade, 1 member chosen by State Planning Organization, 1 member chosen by Turkish Patent Institute, 1 member chosen by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 1 member chosen by Ministry of Justice, 1 member chosen by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and if Executive Board of the Center considers necessary, 3 members will be chosen for 3 years term by the public and private sector related to the determined subject. If necessary, some representatives from the other public institutions and committees may be invited.

Administration of FISAUM